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DeAddiction Awareness Program by Pune Bavdhan Elite

DeAddiction Awareness Program
28 Jul, 2018

Beneficiaries : 540

Cost : 6675

President : Rajesh Shinde

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : NA

Description :
Adolescence is a sensitive age, a sensitive stage of life. It is a period of turmoil, marked by a desire for independence and quest for sexual identity and maturity. The psychological and physical needs during that stage are to be taken care of ,otherwise their youth and adulthood gets affected. Introduction to substance use during adolescence is a universal phenomenon. So the best strategy for a Primary Awareness program would be 'catching them young'. Our young Interacters at Chetan Dattaji Gaikwad Bavdhan school come from a very Lower strata; and we felt they need guidance in this aspect of life. So we contacted Muktangan De-addiction Centre, Pune to conduct their awareness program for the adolescents. It addresses various issues of adolescents. We felt that giving information only about drugs and their ill-effects is not sufficient. Sex education, information about HIV/AIDS, stress management, mental health status during adolescence and other topics need to be included too. ( Which can be an extension of this project) At this age the target group is averse to preaching and advice. They need to be educated and encouraged to take their own decisions in an interesting way. A film was shown where the lead character was a boy of their own age, living under same circumstances, speaking the same language. Children connected with the speaker instantly ! Thus in a very light manner, with question & answer sessions the topic was broached & the message was communicated effectively. The Response was overwhelming, students wanted to discuss their personal problems . They desperately wanted counselling. so much is needed to be done in this field ! The school teachers and students have strongly requested a repeat of this program.

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DeAddiction Awareness Program DeAddiction Awareness Program DeAddiction Awareness Program